Sitsofe Wheeler sitsofe wrote on It boots fine with the original windows xp CD. So, currently, there’s nothing plugged into the second ide port, my two ide hard drives are plugged into my first ide port, the dvd drive is plugged into the pci ide controller card, and the Samsung Sata drive is plugged into Sata port 1. And this is what shows for libata under lsmod: I went through about 20 different configurations with that Integrated Peripherals settings, and the results were all the same, BSOD. At first, I had problems with BIOS because it wouldn’t even recognize it, but I managed to overcome that by modifying some settings under the Peripheral category.

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This is still related to the recent overhaul of pata kernel drivers. Can’t decide whether my [very annoying, and varied] problem is the same.

Currently, I plan on reinstalling windows xp. This deals with 1. Thanks for your diligent clarification. Phillip Lougher szta wrote on Your best bet is to ask the NTFS developers http: Thankfully, I have a pci ide controller card, so I was able to use that to plug in my secondary drives. I do have the orginal grub selection but no kernel source or where can I ftp the linux-source- 2.

[SOLVED] Trying to install first SATA hard drive – Tech Support Forum

I will correct my bug description and add a link to in the description, but only later since I have no time at the moment. I believe that is incorrect.


LarsBjerregaard lars-rubyglow wrote on The next page gives some description of what they are, but I can’t make much out of it. There I got the following message:.

I even went to Intel’s download page and typed in eb and got no results. Don’t know if this will help this bug or not but I am a ubuntuforums member and have been trying to keep spirits high and try to console those who feel that Ubuntu has really screwed up here, sad to say that I don’t have much of an arguement when something as large as this occurs.

Maybe we have a communication problem here and things weren’t intentionally changed; in this case a little eata verbosity from ubuntu kernel devs would be helpful. I would generalize form the above that 1. With the imminent release of Gutsy Gibbon, perhaps it doesn’t matter. On another note, could you clean up the description of this bug a bit?

Here is are the entries of my menu. I am not sure why the second IDE controller doesn’t 82801b a line for the Interupt but it doesn’t. So, what exactly is my next step?

[SOLVED] Trying to install first SATA hard drive

This could also be seen as a more focussed version of Bug This is a pain, because it looks like cds aren’t mounting until you change the fstab file to correct the link and obviously you can’t specify a generic UUID for the cdrom.

  0FE6 9700 DRIVER

There have been reports of users with modified custom grub and fstab not being changed to reflect the changes.

Comment on this change optional. I’ve had my eye on this thread eata a while. Purely speculating here, though, i don’t know a thing about how resume images are created, referenced or loaded, or why a reference problem could be related to a driver issur, but my guess is that 2 is more correct, at least form what i’ve see in my box, and form the fact that if you have the “resume not found” problem, you still seem to be able to boot, wich is not my case: A kernel message would appear, then pretty much everything would die, although some non-network processes could live eg mpd.

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I looked in Device manager in windows xp, and there’s nothing there that says sata, only Intel EB ultra ata controllers. Screenshot, when system hangs up Edit There could be a couple of issues here. It would be helpful if you could test the latest Hardy Alpha release: I’m glad to hear things are working for you.

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