I feed in the paper and hit the button. I think the hp kiosk program may have screwed things up. How do you do that? I am experiencing the exact same problems, and also have tried similar fixes with no success. I have an hp Deskjet c. It looks like an inkdrop. I get an error msg.

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You can find drivers at: I went back and tried to reinstall xp driver for it, tests fine but this is what happens. I have an HP Deskjet C.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, consult a computer technician. No paperjam and the print cartridege doesnt come to the middle. If the carriage still fails to exit the service station, far right, then you will have to remove part of the case and investigate the problem, assuming the carriage is jammed in the service station. Turn the printer on. I 812f I don’t need a new printer, This one has done so well for so long! I noticed it listed “Anon” earlier sorry.

It looks like an inkdrop. There really is no difference between doing this yourself if it were possible and letting the file system do it. Depending on the operating system, there should be a nozzle cleaning utility in the Printer Tool Box or the printer Properties.


Microsoft Update Catalog

Here is the support document that provides steps on the workaround: A good cartridge will show yellow, magenta, and cyan flowing freely. I did all the usual things – checked connections, drivers, cleaned contacts, changed cartridges. I’ve tested it with color bars and the other two colors work fine.

What kind of a scam is HP running? I’m having the same problem with the lowest of the three lights blinking the one that looks 8122c an ink drop. I think the hp kiosk program may have screwed things up.

Xthen HP Deskjet your printer series vX. Since the problem is the same both before and after installing new ink cartridges I think it’s not the cartridge Blot dry and reinstall.

Printer – HP – HP DeskJet 812C Drivers Download

It is also available as a Rubber Roller Rejuvenator Pad, which is cheaper to purchase: Mine is probably about the same age! I would be glad to join in a class action suit against HP. Xxp is the support document that provides steps on the workaround:.


My printer xo not print in color. Message 6 of 7. My sanity is worth more than the remote chance my computer will get screwed up.

I searched the forums for pink flu and blot test and I came up with nothing. Thanks ST, we were thinking it 8122c that since we couldn’t see anything else going on.

IIRC, in the past I’ve always seen all three colors clearly even with a dry paper towel.

hp deskjet 812c

There is likely a statistical probability of using more yellow. Thank you so much for your response. I wonder if I should completely remove this printer program and drivers then reinstall.

They prey on our fear of sleepless nights trying to fix potentially pervasive system problems on our computer,introduced by an incompatible driver. The photos come out pink.

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