Vikuiti is a trademark of 3M Company. For disposal information in the U. Refer to next page. Reviews 0 Write a review. DWD iw PLUS Achieve seamless collaboration with this interactive whiteboard display that lets you share the content of meetings and discussions with associates at any location.

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3M DWD PD Plus Digital Wall Display S B&H

Installation Unlike other systems, when you purchase 3M Digital WallDisplay, everything you need is in the box to be up and running in a few hours. Menu Press to display the onscreen menu system. Use this to reduce image noise and flicker.

To reduce the risks associated with impact from the projection arm and tripping over the legs of the portable cart: Grasp the sleeve by the main barrel so your fingers will not block the signal. Please enter a valid email address.

Arm closes on 3m digital wall display 9200iw plus

Presenting has never been so easy. The signal transmitter in the digital sleeve is located just behind the tip of the marker. Aside from the projection lamp assembly, there are no serviceable parts inside the unit.


Use the digital eraser or cloth to erase any markings. Control your computer’s mouse from the whiteboard, and play video and multimedia with engaging sound using built-in stereo speakers. Move the slider toward the left to decrease the sound.

3M Digital Wall Display ic Remote Conference Presentation System | eBay

Volume Slider The Volume slider adjusts the speaker and audio output sound level. The remote digitao does not work The menu system will not display.

All other products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective 9020ic. Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: Attempt to reopen the applet. Press again to conceal the onscreen menu system. Write notes in virtual ink then send them via the Internet and print them for handouts. See Proxy Server Setup. An upgraded model requires the following: LED Indicates that remote control unit is transmitting signal.

Do not block its movement. Slide the door release catch to the open position using the blade of a small screwdriver. Be sure to aall approximately 4 feet of clear space on either side of the 3M Digital WallDisplay to do this. Installation for a Hollow Wall-Drywall 1.


The input source is not turned on or not displaying an image. Retain these instructions for future reference. Loosen the self-contained dislpay at the upper righthand corner of the lamp housing door with digitsl standard screwdriver. Sun and Java are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. If normal coaxial cables are used, the cable must be enclosed in metal pipes or in a similar way to reduce the interference noise radiation.

Clear blocked ventilation holes. Imports files from almost any program and annotate and save changes.

3M 9200IW Plus Operator’s Manual: Digital Wall Display Features

Grasp plug and pull to disconnect. Vertical Position Adjusts the vertical position of the projected image.

Slide the shipping tray out of the shipping container.

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