Rather than repackage the reference drivers or copy them fully, Creative Labs created their own driver set named the “Blaster Control. I was particularly glad to see framerates exceeding 60 at x resolution. Just shut down your system, open the case, unscrew and remove the old AGP card, and replace with the GeForce card. Anyway, it is the same Hypro Bearing fan used in their TNT2-Ultra cards although I wished they would have used a larger piece of heatsink with more fins and density. Windows 98 Second Edition Build 4. So, are you drooling yet?

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Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator AGP 4x 32 MB

I was fortunate enough to have the latest K7 MHz system for the benchmarks. I believe it will still be a every user’s choice given the fact that prices should be lower after the release of their new chipset, the GeForce However, users may have a tougher time getting it to run on motherboards using the ALI chipsets. I wonder if those slimming creams work.

I wished Creative would have included a TV-out option as it is almost a “must have” feature for all high-end graphic cards. The card was tested annihioator both a K7 and Intel system.

The Voodoo3 can closely match the Annihilatro at low resolutions like x, but at higher resolutions, it fails miserably. On the other hand, with the implementation of Fast Writes, the performance is boosted as there are no bottlenecks in the transfer of data between the CPU and the GeForce The package includes the following: Not long ago, when they released their RivaI was already pretty impressed with what it could do.


It basically solves the limitations of current environment mapping techniques. Anyway, Super 7 motherboard users would be delighted to know that there’s no problem running this card on their existing boards.

Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator AGP

Here’s what I got from the temperature monitor. It doesn’t take an expert to install one. On top of this, add the dominating market presence that only a 1.

Creative Labs’ custom Blaster Control. The Formula One race looks pretty simple from a spectator point of view, but in actual fact, it is not.

Below, you’ll find benchmarks obtained from Quake II at 4 different sets of resolutions. We’ve seen how much annihioator performance it can provide, especially when it is coupled with a fast processor.

Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator Pro AGP 4x 32 MB

With transformation and lighting built into the chipset, it literally frees up the CPU for other processes. However, Annihilatpr cannot really confirm the actual rating. The heatsink is then attached to the GPU with thermal glue, a cooling setup that we do not normally consider ideal when compared to the thermal grease used by other manufacturers. It is unbelievable how much attention has been poured into the graphics processor, and it won’t be surprising to see more and annhilator complex graphic chipsets hitting the stores in the near future.

The fan and heatsink included on the card does not seem to provide sufficient cooling.

Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator AGP 4x 32 MB Overview – CNET

In the 3D Mark tests, we can see that the GeForce really excels in its fill rate performance. Of course, with this, I am talking about nVidia, the company that has been tirelessly developing new products to keep the graphics market going and going and going It seems that many manufacturers are taking this path, as is displayed by the fact that of the DDR cards reviewed at AnandTech only ASUS offers a non-reference design board.


Much to our surprise, in the case of the 3D Blaster Annihilator Pro this does not turn out to be the situation; more about this is described in the overclocking section. D3 also provides a handy test pattern option to help you refine your hlaster. This exceeds the bandwidth that current systems can provide. Running a processor with more than 23 million transistors without active cooling is unthinkable, something that processor rights activists if they even exist would be protesting about.

The Colorific software which is included is a useful utility to calibrate your display to give accurate color annihiltor. Rather than repackage the reference drivers or copy them fully, Creative Labs created their own driver set named the “Blaster Control.

There is very little difference between the GMax and the GeForce And it is certainly not surprising if prices of video cards surpasses the price of mid- or high-end CPUs.

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