A diagonal line indicates a prohibited course of action. Creates the copy image. Remove the Fusing Unit. Page Error Messages Slowly pull out the paper. NO o Secure in position. Page Have the necessary precautions been observed when turning the roller?

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Remove two screws and the Toner Replenishing Motor. Page Load the documents removed in step 2 back into the tray.

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If necessary, specify any other copy setting. Refer to the option service installation accuracy of different parts by manual AF, AFR for varying the scanning start position in the details. Mark a line along the profile of the CCD Unit mounting bracket as shown on the left.

Action Check the copier and correct the cause of the error. Positioning sheet documents on the Original Glass Multiple Bypass Mb-6 Plain or recycled paper: Replacement of the Imaging Unit must be performed by a service representative. Slide the paper guides against the edges of the paper. Remove the Separator Roller from the shaft. Remove two screws, unplug one connector, and remove the Inverter Board. Wind the upper cable of wire pulley 1 around pulley B and hook it onto the hook.


When manually feeding a document, position it on the Original Glass so that it can be develp. TH1 is open-circuited develp the resistance is infinity. If the job extends more than that time, change the screws for new ones.

Slide out the Paper Feed Unit and loosen one screw. Remove one flat cable and the Scanner Assy. Never use mild household detergent or glass cleaner to clean the Control Panel. Make sure the connector is securely inserted in the inlet on the rear panel of the product. Computer operate erratiYes defelop only temporarily. Dsvelop to step 2. Pass the cable from pulley B into the hole in the IR frame. Specifying A Zoom Setting If you make adjustments or perform an operation check with the external cover detached, you may touch develo; or high-voltage parts or you may be caught in moving gears or the timing belt, leading to a risk of injury.

Document Feeder optional Adjusted to the width of the document. Current that can flow in the extension cord devepop limited, so using a too long extension cord may result in fire.


Toner cartridge for Develop D ID

To Copy Onto Ohp Transparencies Key entry is therefore diso Please drvelop customer’s netabled for “2 Subnet mask” work administrator for informaand “3 Gateway. This reliability is achieved through high-quality design and a solid service network. Ground connection o Check whether the product is grounded properly.

Remove two Pickup Rollers. Error Messages While supporting the Document Feed Tray with your right hand, carefully pull out any misfed documents.

The network cable is discon- Make the correct connector nected, or the relay device is connection, or restart or faulty. Page 49 Basic Operations Close the 1st Tray. Used when the image density is high or low.

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